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About us

Professional medical clothing combines many qualities: the right fit, high-quality material and features such as usability and durability. We created our company in June 2015 because we saw a demand among professionals for, among other things, medical clothing for doctors, blues for dentists and physiotherapists that will make their work comfortable. We are well aware that our clients work in a very demanding industry with many challenges and difficulties. In order to meet their expectations and place functionality above all else, we offer medical garments made from high-quality, skin-friendly fabrics. All the products we offer undergo thorough testing.

Why should you choose our medical apron?

Surely you will agree with us that the doctor’s apron should be a bit like a “second skin”. It goes without saying that it must not get in the way or hinder movement. That is why we have doctors working with us, who evaluate our products in practice. They test their durability during gruelling and long hours on duty. This is how we know that our women’s medical clothing and male will positively pass even the toughest tests. Besides, designing medical suits for ladies, we focus on making them fit the female figure.

Clothing for veterinary surgeons

It is obvious that the medical protective clothing we offer is not aimed at a narrow group of specialists. We also offer: surgical sets, aprons, fleeces, medical uniforms and pants, smocks, and clothing for veterinarians and dentists. We invite you to shop with us!

When designing outfits for medical professionals, we are not indifferent to contemporary fashion trends. Healthcare professionals often spend many hours at work, so they should feel comfortable in the clothes they wear while performing their duties. As a manufacturer of medical clothing, we make every effort to ensure that the products we offer meet the tastes of our customers, that they offer maximum comfort during use and that wearing them is simply a pleasure and not just a chore.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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