Cookies policy

I. What are cookies?

Cookie – short text information sent by the web server, saved on the user side in a file called a cookie (usually on the hard drive). Default parameters of cookies allow information they contain to be read only by the server that generated them. Various types of cookies are used for counters, surveys, online stores, websites that require logging in, advertisements and for monitoring visitor activity.

II. What do we use cookies for?

We use the information stored in cookies for the following purposes:

  • advertising;
  • statistics;
  • user authentication;
  • managing the process of ordering on the website;
  • adjusting our services to users' individual needs.

III. What cookies are used?

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

  • session, which remain on the user's device only while they are viewing the website;
  • permanent, which remain on the device for a time depending on the lifetime set or until they are removed by the user;
  • third party, which make it possible to work with third-party companies or services (e.g. Google, Facebook). These include research cookies which provide data to analytical services about the popularity of the service.

IV. How can I change settings of cookies or remote them?

The user can change settings of cookies on their own. The user can change these settings in the Internet browser or by configuring the service. Detailed information about the capabilities and methods of handling cookies is available in software (browser) settings.

  • The user can delete cookies at any time using the functions available in the browser they are using.
  • If the user restricts the use of cookies, this may impact some functionalities of the website.